Business Aviation And Its Benefits

If you are a business that already utilizes aircraft in your daily operations you know the benefits of having that asset and the positive impact it has on your business operations and bottom line. If your company does not utilize aircraft then realizing and understanding the benefits of using business aircraft is key in your decision process. Businesses that use aircraft understand the need to move their employees, products, and customers in a timely fashion in order to drive their business.

Business aviation allows companies to move their staff on the companies schedule or a customers schedule and not be dependent on a commercial airline schedule. Almost one quarter of all commercial flights are delayed and over 3 percent of commercial flights are cancelled. Traveling on your own schedule allows you the flexibility to change schedules and react quickly to changing environments or opportunities.

Business aviation allows companies to access 10 times more airports than airports served by commercial airlines. This gives you the ability to access customers or facilities that may be located in small towns or rural areas. This also allows you to reach multiple locations in a single day to maximize your time, which translates into getting to your destinations quicker and with less down time.

Business aviation allows companies to increase productivity. Employees are able to work, plan, and engage in staff meetings all while enroute to their destination in the privacy of their own workspace. It also means less time away from family which helps make every employee more productive.

Lastly, business aviation allows companies to increase their ROI. According to a National Business Aviation Association study businesses that use business aviation return more to shareholders than companies in the same industry that do not use business aviation.

If you are not sure if business aviation is right for your company let SSC do an analysis of your company to see how much you could benefit from business aviation.

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